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Mining Searches

Vital information for anyone buying a home in a mining area

In the UK, past and current mining activity is widespread. The Law Society recommends (and the Mortgage Lender may require) that if an area may be affected by current, proposed or previous workings, then a Mining Search should be undertaken.

Coal mining is the most common form of mining in the UK. Our Coal Mining reports are individually inspected by a Consulting Surveyor of considerable experience. Extracted from the Coal Authority’s definitive records, our reports examining past, present and potential future mine workings. A basic risk assessment for the property is included as standard.

Coal Mining Reports cover:

  • Past, present and proposed underground mining
  • Shafts and adits or other entries to underground coal mine workings within 20m of the property boundary
  • Surface geology
  • Past, present and future opencast mining
  • Subsidence

In addition to coal reports, we provide full information on the less common UK mining operations Tin, China Clay, Cheshire Brine and Limestone.

Page last updated: September 30, 2014.