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What Is ConveyIT

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Easy online ordering provided by HomeInfo UK Limited

ConveyIT is the online conveyancing searches ordering system for HomeInfo UK Limited. Click here to be redirected to ConveyIT.

The system allows you to order, track, receive and retrieve a wide range of conveyancing searches via the internet. The ConveyIT website is intended to be as user-friendly as possible and is designed to integrate with your case management system.

The interface is based on a simple system of on-screen tick boxes and buttons that you will probably be used to from the internet or other software systems.

In order to use ConveyIT, you will need to register for an account to ensure ordering your searches is safe and secure.

To apply for an account, contact us by;

You will then receive your username and password by email within 24 hours.

Page last updated: October 1, 2014.