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Council Local Authority Search Price Changes

Posted by HomeInfo UK IT on January 20, 2016

UPDATE 28/01/2016

We have been informed that the introduction of VAT to the CON29R and CON29O will not come into place on February 1st.

HMRC have said that the implementation will be delayed for a short period however this is no indication as to how long this delay will be.

We will keep you updated about these changes when we hear more information.


Starting on 01/02/2016 HMRC has advised local authorities that VAT must be charged on the CON29R and CON29O sections of a Council Local Authority Search.

How Does This Affect Me?

A Council Local Authority Search consists of two parts; LLC1 and CON29. Currently no VAT is charged for either of these parts.

From 01/02/2016 local authorities will be required to charge 20% VAT on the CON29 parts whereas the LLC1 part will remain VAT free. Unfortunately this will mean that the overall cost of a Council Local Authority Search will increase.

To avoid any confusion we will make sure a breakdown of these fees are clearly visible on any invoice you receive from us.

If you would like further information about the changes please contact us on 0800 074 3771.

Page last updated: January 28, 2016.